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Mauricio! Look a snake!

Our guide was great and showed me all kinds of neat stuff.
The Galapagos snake

Thanks, Mauricio!

Santa Fe, Galapagos

When we were walking on the trail and we were in the front of the group, our guide Mauricio picked up a snake, a real live snake. He felt kind of slimy with bumps. He was the only snake that we saw in Galapagos.

Young pups on the beach...I like sea lions a lot. Sea lions can go in water and on land. They breathe air and they eat fish. I like sushi, too! The sea lion pups were so fun and they like to play. One of these pups stuck his nose on my arm!

The land iguana is one of my favorite animals
© Land iguana by Evan

I took a picture of that land iguana. That land iguana was right on the trail. I really like land iguanas. I got a t-shirt with a land iguana on it and I really really really like it.


School Notes - Santa Fe is normally a very dry island. In March of 1998, after an unusually strong and wet "El Niño", even Santa Fe was very green. The abundance of vegetation proved a bonus for the native rice rats, who flourished and were frequently visible from the trail.



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