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Evan's Ecuador

We stayed in a small hotel in a nice neighborhood

We went to the park and I had fun

When it rained we went back to our hotel for hot chocolate

Quito, Pichincha

In Quito,  we went to a high up place and there were spiral stairs and an elevator. We went up the elevator and looked down and it made both of us dizzy.

I had fun playing foozball We went to the park and I had fun. I went on a ride with two seats and it looked like a power ranger. We played foozball and I got my hands all greasy. My Daddy and I played catch with a ball and it was really hot. We ate some ice cream push-ups to cool us off.

And then it rained And then it rained. It rained really hard and we had to go back to the hotel. My shoes and Daddy's shoes got soaking wet. Then we got back and took off our clothes and had a shower and some hot chocolate.


School Notes - Quito is a World Heritage Site and the capital of Ecuador. It is an old, pre-Incan city perched on the slopes of Pichincha volcano at 3,000 meters (9,300 feet). Pichincha is an active volcano.



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