Discover Galapagos

The Adventures of Little Miss Chievous
and Her Big Brother Evan
On our way ashore from the Sagitta
Jeff Waugh
On the way to North Seymour

The Galapagos Islands

An adventure of a lifetime!

Little Miss: When we went to Galapagos we were on a sailboat named Sagitta. I shared a cabin with my Mom. The cabin had a bunk bed, a bathroom and a place for clothes. I slept on the bottom bunk most of the time. It was so warm we always ate our meals out on the deck. We were the only kids on our boat. It was nice. The food was fantastic!
Jeff Waugh
Mmmm good!
and the kayaking was great!
Jeff Waugh
Little Miss: We saw lots of wildlife. Lizards were running all over the place like crazy!  The lava lizard is one of my dad's favorites
Jeff Waugh
Galapagos Lava Lizard
Little Miss: Besides Lava Lizards, there are land iguanas and marine iguanas. Our guide showed us one that was a cross between the two. My Dad had never seen one before and he used to be a guide in Galapagos. Who is this?
Jeff Waugh
Marine or Land Iguana?
Little Miss: The marine iguana on Hood Island is turquoise, red and black.   The marine iguanas are really brightly colored on Hood!
Candis Waugh
Marine Iguana on Hood Island
Little Miss: At first I was scared on the Giant Tortoise because it was so big and I was so small. But they don't move very fast. The people at the Darwin Station bring tortoises there to protect them.  I liked the tortoises!
Jeff Waugh
Giant Galapagos Tortoise
Little Miss: My Big Brother and I got so hot that we cooled off at the Darwin Icecream Station. When you buy something there the money goes to help protect the tortoises.  Mmmmmm!!
Jeff Waugh
Cooling off with ice cream!
Little Miss: We went to visit a really nice sandy beach. There were a lot of sea lions. One of the sea lions came over to see me. My Big Brother, Daddy and I built a sand volcano on the beach.  We enjoyed the beach...
Jeff Waugh
Lazing with the sea lions
and the sea lions
Candis Waugh
Evan and Little Miss
Little Miss: In Galapagos there are Blue-footed Boobies, Masked Boobies and Red-footed Boobies. These are Masked Boobies. We could walk pretty close to them to take a picture. We could get really close
Jeff Waugh
Masked Boobies
Little Miss: We saw some little baby boobies. This one was really small but it's mother was there to help him. But not too close!
Jeff Waugh
Baby Masked Booby
   Young pups
Jeff Waugh
Evan and the Sea Lion
Little Miss: In the town of Puerto Ayora there was a giant statue of a tortoise. They're big but not quite this big! A really giant tortoise!
Jeff Waugh

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School Notes...

The Galapagos Archipelago is situated 500 miles (800 kilometers) west of the Ecuadorian coast and lie directly on the equator. The archipelago encompasses over 50 islands of volcanic origin that are spread out over an area of about 4,500 square kilometers. The volcanic Galapagos platform originated probably not more than 15 million years ago and the oldest island not more than 2.4 million years ago. Volcanic eruptions still occur in the islands. Isla Fernandina and the Sierra Negra volcano on Isla Isabela have erupted within the past 10 years.

According to legend... the Inca Tupac Yupanqui set sail from the coast of Ecuador in the late 1400's with 20,000 men on balsa rafts. On his journey he discovered and named two islands - Ava Chumbi (Outer Island) and Nina Chumbi (Fire Island). Some historians believe these islands were the Galapagos.

To Cotopaxi...

The Adventures of Little Miss Chievous

To the Adventures of Little Miss Chievous...