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Eric & Letty


Eric, Letty and Flamingo Galapagos cruises and tours

Smart Voyager Certification

As one of Ecuador's leading conservation organizations, Conservacion y Desarrollo developed the Smart Voyager sustainable tourism certification program, which awards its seal of approval to tour boat operators and hotels in Ecuador who meet a set of strict conservation standards for protecting the environment, wildlife and the well-being of workers and local communities.

The Eric & Letty were custom-designed exclusively for cruising the Galapagos Islands. They offer deluxe accommodation for your Galapagos experience.

Lounge aboard the Eric, Letty and Flamingo, Galapagos Islands cruise
Comfortable Lounge

Dining room aboard the Eric, Letty and Flamingo, Galapagos Islands cruise and tour
Spacious Dining Room

Accommodations aboard the Eric & Letty include ten double outside cabins located on three decks, each with large private bathroom and fresh, hot and cold-water shower. Cabins are furnished with two twin lower beds or one double bed, roomy closet, drawers and overhead storage, plus separate climate controls and intercom system.

The sister yachts feature ample public areas; dining room, well-stocked bar, comfortable conference area, with television, VCR and air conditioning throughout. Large picture windows surround the upper two decks for panoramic viewing. Sun deck lounge chairs and observation areas invite you to catch the ocean breezes.

Three daily meals feature both international and Ecuadorian specialties and snacks are served following shore excursions. Our attentive 10-member crew including two experienced multilingual guides will make it a trip to remember.

Highly sophisticated navigational and mechanical equipment meet the highest safety standards found in the Galapagos. The yachts are self-contained and ecologically sound, equipped for noise-reduction and fuel-efficiency. False keels provide maximum stability for comfortable cruising.


2017 Rates
All Rates are in US dollars, per person  and based on double occupancy
Child discounts not available for some high season dates

In case of a fuel price increase, rates are subject to a Galapagos fuel tax.

Eric & Letty
8 Day itinerary
Children under 12
receive a 25% discount,
Children 12-14
receive a 15% discount
(on double occupancy rates)
Double Occupancy Triple High Season SGL
Best Available Cabin
Iguana Deck $4500 $4300 $7700
Booby $4900 N/A N/A
Dolphin  $5400 N/A N/A
Charter - Seasonal $86,100 N/A N/A
Charter - Peak $90,400 N/A N/A
Charter - Holiday $94,700 N/A N/A

7 day/ 6 night cruise option (Sunday to Saturday)
Passengers can disembark on Saturday in Baltra for a shorter, 6 night cruise. This is available on seasonal or peak departure dates only and not holiday weeks. The 6-night rate is a 10% discount off the 7 night cruise rate and cannot be combined with any other promotional or child discounts. For those passengers departing early and require a transfer to the airport, there is an additional charge; Itinerary A - $15 per person (2 pax minimum or $30) or Itinerary B - $90 total when there are 3 or less passengers. The return flight from Baltra is subject to availability and confirmation is requested at the time of booking.

Amenities & Services

Purchases on board
Every passenger has an open tab at the bar and boutique, which are paid the last day of the cruise. We accept cash (US Dollars), Travelers checks, Master Card, VISA, American Express and Diners aboard the yachts.

A well-stocked bar with beer (local and imported), wine, premium liquors and liqueurs are available at the bar area. A rate sheet is posted with drink prices.

A variety of items for personal care, souvenirs, film, post cards, etc. are available in the vessel's boutique.

Books, magazines and DVDs are available for passengers to use during their trip. If you want to take a book to your cabin, please advise the administrator or guide.

Board games of scrabble, chess, checkers, Monopoly are located in the lounge area and are available for passengers to use in their free time.

Laundry service
Passengers on our 7-night itinerary will be offered laundry service provided by a local company in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz . On Friday morning passengers can arrange to have dirty clothes sent to be laundered. The laundry will be delivered in the afternoon when passengers return from the visits. All laundry bills must be paid directly to the company in cash (US dollars).

Reserve a wet suit
Any passenger who would like to reserve a wet suit in their size prior to the cruise may do so at a charge of $25 for 7 nights. The fee will be charged to the account on board and paid at the end of the cruise. Reserved wet suits will be removed from the inventory and set aside for exclusive use during the cruise. Passengers are still entitled to use the remaining wet suits on board at no additional charge. However, they are available on a first come first serve basis and there is no guarantee there will be one available in their size unless they reserve in advance. Wet suits are most popular from June to November when water temperatures are between 65 and 72 degrees F.

Snorkeling equipment: masks, fins and snorkels in average sizes are available on board free of charge for use during the cruise. There is no guarantee there will be all equipment available in your size and therefore passengers may bring their own equipment.

Sea Kayaks
There are two kayaks per yacht and are available at designated sites during the cruise on a first come first serve basis at no additional charge. The clear bottom tandem model is half canoe and half sit-on-top kayak with a modular transparent hull. The crystal clear hull of the Caribe provides a window to the underwater world.


Itinerary A - Southern / Central Route

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, SAN CRISTOBAL (Chatham) 

Cerro Tijeretas & Leon Dormido, SAN CRISTOBAL



Punta Suarez, ESPANOLA (Hood)

Gardner Bay (SN, PR, KY) ESPANOLA (Hood)

Punta Cormorant (PR), Devilís Crown or Champion (SN), FLOREANA
Post Office Bay (PR, SN), FLOREANA (Charles)

Highlands of SANTA CRUZ (Indefatigable)

CCFL (Darwin Station), SANTA CRUZ (Indefatigable)

Bartolome (PR, SN)

Las Bachas (SN) or Black Turtle Cove (PR) or Sombrero Chino (PR, SN)

South Plaza Island

North Seymour (PR, SN)

Interpretation Center, SAN CRISTOBA
L (airport)

Itinerary B - Western / Northern Route

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, SAN CRISTOBAL (Chatham) 

CCJG (La Galapaguera Cerro Colorado), SAN CRISTOBAL

Darwin Bay (SN, PR, KY), GENOVESA (Tower)

Prince Philipís Steps (SN, PR, KY) GENOVESA

Las Bachas (SN) or Black Turtle Cove (PR)

Cerro Dragon (SN) SANTA CRUZ

Punta Espinosa (SN), FERNANDINA (Narborough)

Urbina Bay, ISABELA (SN) (Albemarle) or Punta Vicente Roca

Elizabeth Bay, ISABELA (PR)              

Tagus Cove, ISABELA (SN, PR, KY)

Puerto Egas, SANTIAGO (SN) (James)

Rabida Island (SN, PR, KY) (Jervis)

Highlands of SANTA CRUZ (Indefatigable)

CCFL (Darwin Station) SANTA CRUZ

Interpretation Center, SAN CRISTOBA
L (airport)

Deck Plan

Dolphin Deck  
Cabins # 1, 3 & 4
- two twin lower beds and picture windows

Cabin # 2
- one double bed and picture window

(cabins average 95 square feet)

Dolphin cabin, Eric, Letty and Flamingo, Galapagos Islands cruise and tour
Booby Deck  
Cabins # 5 & 6
- one double bed and picture windows

(cabins average 90 square feet)

Iguana Deck  
Cabins #7 & 8
- two twin lower beds and port lights
Cabins # 9 & 10 have two twin lower beds and one upper berth with port lights. These two cabins can be used as triples.
(cabins average 110 square feet)
Iguana cabin aboard the Eric, Letty and Flamingo, Galapagos cruise and tour

Same share gender requests are available on the Iguana deck only.
Shares that remain unmatched 60 days prior to departure are subject to pay the difference for a single rate. There is a maximum of one share confirmed per sailing.

TRIPLE cabins are available on the Iguana deck only in cabins I9 and I10.


L.O.A.: 83 feet 
Beam: 24 feet
Draft: 6 feet
Gross tonnage: 240
Cruising speed: 8-10 knots
Engines: Two 4O2 HP caterpillar, 8 cylinder turbo diesels 
Generators: Two Perkins 8O KVA generators
Water capacity: 5.OOO gallons
Fuel capacity: 5.4OO gallons

Navigational equipment: 
24-mile Furuno radar; Furuno satellite
Navigator; electric compass; magnetic 
Compass; clock; barometer.

Communication Equipment: 
VHF and HF-SSB radios

Safety equipment: 
Automatic radio buoys via satellite EPIRF, 25-person inflatable capsule lifeboat, 40 life vests, 10 circular buoys, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.


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